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Whole Bean Coffee
  • Farmer Tim has been roasting his own coffee for more than a decade and now it is your turn to enjoy the freshest coffee money can buy. 

    Green coffee beans are sourced from ethical farmers through a regional supplier and roasted in small batches on the farm. We can trace your cup back to when and where it was harvested and tell you the day we roasted it.  Green beans store well for years, but once roasted they should be used within 30 days.  Grocery store supply chains can't match coffee roasted within that time frame!

    Current Availability

    Available in 13 ounce bags and 3 ounce samples.

    Peru, Medium Roast-  A smooth cup of coffee with notes of chocolate, caramel, and subtle smokiness that is muted by the addition of cream.  

    Brazil, Medium Roast- Bold, coffee forward flavor that you can drink all day.  

    Rwanda, Espresso Roast- Coming Soon!

    African Blend- Change up your morning coffee for a bright, bold afternoon pick up.  A custom blend of beans from Rwanda and Ethiopia.


    Inventory and availability updated weekly.  Available for local pick up only. 

    Looking for a darker or lighter roast?  A certain regional bean?  

    We are happy to hear more about your coffee drinking preferences to help us select new beans for future products.  We can also custom roast an available bean darker or lighter to match your taste buds.  Send us an email at


    Not sure what you like? New to fresh coffee?  


    Try a 3 ounce sample bag.  

    Did you know?  


    Lighter roasts generally taste less strong but have more caffeine than their darker counter parts.


    Our coffee is considered "homemade" and not subject to state inspection.  It is all roasted and packaged on the farm.

    Whole Bean Coffee

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