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At Euphrosyne Corner Farm (you-FRO-sin-ee) we practice a family commitment to:


Simplicity, generosity, and joy.


Euphrosyne is an ancient Greek name meaning joy.


We believe in making each link in the food chain a simple, joyful process for everyone involved. As long time educators, we love nothing more than to slow down and help others learn to do the same. We place a high value on community collaboration.


1st Generation Minnesota Family Owned


Welcome to Euphrosyne Corner!


Founded in 2018, we celebrated five years of farming in March of 2023. 

In those five years we have learned more than we knew we could.  We have also heard from countless families that wish they could live this way too. While that may not be possible for your family, we can't wait to support you with the farm fresh food we enjoy daily.

While no farm can ever become a supermarket, we aim to provide as many of our own needs as possible and, by extension, yours.  We offer pastured chicken, custom processed pork and lamb, eggs and honey along with seasonal vegetables.


Stay up to date with the latest availability through our mailing list, click here to join. 


Pantry staples* such as cider vinegar, jams, crafts, and herbals are also available throughout the year.  We sell seasonally at the Rushford Peterson Valley Farmer's Market (May-October) and directly from the farm throughout the year. 

Non-food homestead gift items such as lard based soaps and knit goods are available online and can be shipped year round.   Food items cannot be shipped at this time.



*These products are homemade and not subject to inspection.




From pork to poultry to lamb, all of our animals are raised outside as much of the year as possible.  The main ingredient in all of their diets is fresh air, clean water, sunshine, and grass!  

Additionally, our pork and poultry are supplemented with non GMO feed from family owned Ellingson Elevator in Spring Grove, Minnesota.  We try to prioritize local grains whenever possible  and are constantly trying to reduce our dependence on the traditional soy based animal feed model.


Due to the ever-changing nature of the supply chain for small farms please contact us if you have additional questions about our feeding program.   If you have special dietary needs we are happy to work with you to ensure that our product is safe before you buy.

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