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Six Sisters- Skincare Made Simple

I am a minimalist when it comes to skincare. As in, I rarely take care of my skin until it is screaming at me that it needs moisture right now! Thankfully when we switched to lard based soaps at home my excema hands cleared up and that was amazing.

Of course I knew there were toxins and plastics in all our chapsticks and lotions and shampoos and everything else, too. The thing is I only have so much time in my day- I can’t make everything myself as much as I wish I could. A few years ago, I tried one of the various natural beauty product companies that are often shared online but honestly it was just too much for me. I don’t want an entire multi step routine. I just want simple and clean! My friend Meghan felt the same way, but she took it a step further and actually started making and selling her own. She is amazing. She sent us a box of SixSisters goodies and I have to say I am super impressed. (Also, any company that sends me a card that says “Made with care. Sent with a prayer.” is going to win mega bonus points in my book.) Probably the biggest testimony is that Tim has been converted on beard balm. He says the scent feels outdoorsy and clean rather than chemically. He had another kind but wouldn’t ever actually use it. He also really likes the citrus lotion stick. I’m a big fan of the vanilla lotion stick and lip balm. What I like is that it doesn’t feel wet like many lotions do. It seemed a little slick at first but soaked in quickly and I can tell it is soaking in deep.

Just for fun, we even dropped off a little bag of lip balm with Aidan at college. He probably thought it was silly, but it was fun to include him.

We love supporting family based companies who are taking steps to opt out, but it is extra meaningful when we get to support our friends in their endeavors! I’ve said it before, but our goal is not to opt out of the community, but out of unsustainable systems that are not serving the community good. Opting out can look like a lot of models for different families from family run businesses to homesteading and a million ways in between. My only question now is, when do I get a nice diaper rash stick that is safe for my baby and my cloth diapers?! I’ll put that order on repeat.

***If you are interested in partnering with Euphrosyne Corner Farm on a project, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at with your idea. We love small, family-based businesses and want to succeed alongside of you!

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