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Now Accepting Orders for Pastured Pork for March 2022

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

2022 ORDERING UPDATE (2/4/2022) March Pork has been sold out. Click here to see our current availability. You can also join our email list for regular updates.

Original Post Below: We are now accepting orders for pastured pork from Euphrosyne Corner Farm for March 2022. Order now for fresh ham at Easter!

Raising pastured pork in the winter in Minnesota might sound crazy, but here we are! There are several reasons we have decided to do this but the main one is that it will allow us to have meat available for our customers more consistently throughout the year while putting a lower burden on our pasture throughout the year. Whole and half shares will be available for processing at Pete's Meats in Lewiston in March of 2022.

Available as a whole or half, our pork is raised outside on grass for most of the year, rotating to a new space every few days. Even in winter they will have plenty of fresh air and we will supplement their diet with local hay. In addition to a locally mixed, non GMO grain feed, we also provide plenty of fresh food supplements.

Last year our whole hogs averaged 225 lbs hanging weight- one hitting a whopping 272 lbs!

Price is $600 for a whole hog or $350 for a half hog, plus processing fees paid directly to the butcher. A $100 deposit for whole ($50 for half) is due in advance, the balance will be due when we deliver the hog to the butcher in the fall. You will pay the butcher for processing at pick up. Processing cost varies based on the cuts chosen, but plan on $150-$200 for a whole.

To reserve, please fill out this form. To pay your deposit you will receive an invoice from OR, you can now check out right here on the farm website!

I do hear a rumor that winter pigs equal more bacon. Less activity means more fat gain which means more bacon. Want to be part of the group that tests that out?!

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