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Made for Greatness

Sterling Jacquith and her husband built a local company, sold it, and reached their financial goals by helping moms in business and at home.

Note: This article is part of a series highlighting Catholic families in various stages of building a business. It is designed to inspire all families to start the wheels turning and be creative when it comes to finding a way to provide for themselves outside of traditional means. For more family based business content,follow Euphrosyne Corner on Instagram.

Sterling was a stay at home mom when she decided to put herself out there as a Catholic speaker and podcaster and see what happened. She read about business, published a book, and thought of all of it more as a hobby than a business.

After the initial stepping out, Sterling refers to the next five or six years as her “messy middle years”. While some might be tempted to be discouraged or think of this as wasted time from a business perspective, Sterling feels otherwise. She read books about business and learned tech skills that served her when she later decided to go all in to help moms.

Now she and her husband are living six figure dreams most of us might struggle to imagine. They are homeschooling together on five acres, while she runs the Made for Greatness Mom Coaching program, Made for Business Society, and Marian Masterminds. She is an outstanding business coach and has spent a lot of her own personal development brining best business practice to a Catholic context. Her husband, Michael, is a Catholic Life Coach for Men. They work from home and her husband spends a lot of time exploring the outdoors with their five children.

One big things they did to help launch their success was to have a strong financial cushion going in. They previously owned a fencing company which they sold and set aside enough for 1.5 years of expenses. She called it their runway to launch, which I love. Sterling’s advice to other families? Make decision from peace. There is a big difference between being aprehensive because God asks you to do something Joan of Arc and being afraid. Learn to make decisions from the place of peace.


It is hard for this little farmer to imagine a six figure business, but I wanted to include Sterling’s story because venturing out is not an automatic invitation to a sort of voluntary poverty. Most families in business will have better years and hard years. They may need to rely on outside income (most of the families featured here do), but the road of possibility is long. Success can look like just about anything God can imagine for you and he just might be asking you to jump. Still on the fence? In the next month I will be inviting you to a variety of opportunities and offering tools to help you work through the heart step of making a prayerful leap. I can help you dream with God in new and exciting ways and unlock freedom and wellbeing for your family. It starts with simplicity of heart and dreaming with God…stay tuned!

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