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3 Ways to Dream With God

Have you been hearing all these amazing things God is doing with Catholic families and wondering what he might have planned for you? It might just be more than you could have ever imagined, like it was with us! I have spent the last couple months working really hard on a way to help walk others through some of the finer points of opening up a conversation with God about what he has planned for their families- no matter the shape, size, or age. God really does have a plan to use families in a powerful way in the world. Of this, I am certain. But the details… See, this isn’t like another coaching or workshop program that I can tell you an end result. I can’t promise you a six figure income with the right mindset or 10 pounds off by Christmas. Those things might be amazing and exactly what God wants for you, but this is not that. This is learning to let God drive the car!

Dreaming with God is less predictable- in a good, but often challenging way! I’ve put together three products that I should be releasing together but I had to commit to which I would add to this years Catholic Mom Bundle in advance and that set a firm date for the specific product I chose. If you had asked me to choose which one I wanted to do first, this would not have been it- because the next two products are going to help you use this better. They all go together. But only one is ready today and that is the Dreaming with God Prayer Notebook. The front of this notebook contains a few tips and tricks for inviting God into areas that might sometimes be left off in your typical prayer routines. In fact, it is in some ways a cross between a standard journal, an examen, and a prayer journal. It includes preprinted reflection sheets for 33 days of just opening yourself up to notice things in your daily life and then asking the Holy Spirit to help you look at them and see what He sees. Noticing where God is and where tension is was the first thing I had to learn when it came to dreaming with God. In fact, I’ve learned that where the tension is, is usually exactly where God wants to be, but I’m not letting him! That’s getting ahead of things though. The goal of this notebook is literally to pray, dream, and notice. With a place to record your thoughts about relationships, activities, and more along the way.

For a limited time there are three ways to purchase your own copy of the Dreaming With God Prayer Notebook.

Spiral bound with a plastic protected cover. This limited edition (because I have to order them in advance- I can get more so if they sell out there is an option to preorder more) is printed single sided, which leaves additional journal space on the back of each page for extra dreaming. It also lays flat which makes it really nice for opening up to sit down and write. This is my favorite of the three options. $15 plus shipping, available on our website. Available on Amazon at a lower price, is a traditionally bound book with double sided pages. This cover is a bit stronger and the overall profile is slimmer and a bit smaller for slipping into a purse or adoration bag. $10, available on Amazon. Finally, for this week only you can purchase a digital copy as a part of the 2022 Advent Catholic Mom Bundle. This is the only opportunity you have for a digital copy. Buy a digital copy, here, $25

I know that this option might appeal to many of you as a chance to get your feet wet with the idea and get some great other products at the same time. Here’s the thing though. To really get the most out of this resource you need to put the pen to the paper, literally. In fact, I’m so convinced this is true that if you finish all 33 days with one of the pre-printed versions, you can email me a photo or proof of purchase and I will send you a free download with the template so you can print extra journal pages.

If you purchase the digital version, please print paper copies of the journal page. Read the front and back materials (there aren’t that many) on your device if you want, but I want you to go all in with God and there is something more committed about using pencil and paper. I don’t know what it is, but I know its there.

I could try to sell you all a copy of the Catholic Mom Bundle and make more money. The same would be true if I threw the product up as a digital download permanently. Neither of those options, however, would help me reach my goal of helping more families invest deep into their family identity and mission. I want you to dream with God because it can change everything- HE can change everything. I want that for you!

Be sure to stick close, because there are two more resources coming this month that are going to help you get even more out of the Prayer Notebook. It can be used as a stand alone resource for sure, and I will share some tips this week on Instagram to help you. But oh, its going to get so much better and I can’t wait!

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Jessica Castillo
Jessica Castillo

I love this! I also firmly believe that God has a special plan for each person (and family) and that it's way better than we could even imagine. We just have to be open to it--thank you for creating a beautiful resource to help us do just that :)

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