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Euphrosyne Corner Farm

Eggs - Chicken - Pork - Lamb- Honey

- Since 2018 -

Order online, pick up on farm.

Euphrosyne Corner Farm (you-FRO-sin-ee) is a small family owned farm in Southeast Minnesota.  We raise your food through a family commitment to simplicity, generosity, and joy. Euphrosyne is an Ancient Greek name meaning joy- the direction we want to turn with every farming decision, life choice and product we provide.


We believe in making each step of the food supply chain a simple, joyful process for everyone involved. From farmer's markets and online ordering to our processing providers, we want you to walk away feeling empowered by the purchases you make and the local businesses you are supporting.  

Welcome to the family!



"So so worth the trip. Our experience after our 2.5 hour drive was such a fun filled day. We stayed in Rochester the night before, and then just had a short drive to their farm in the morning.... And the meat is so good! I will never buy pork from a store again."

Instagram User & Onsite Butchering Workshop Participant



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