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Divine Mercy Needle Felting Kit
  • Introducing Catholic Needle Felting Kits from Euphrosyne Corner Farm!

    This simplistic Divine Mercy image with the red and blue rays extending from a host is the perfect small project for learning how to needle felt a design.  Uses only a few colors and can be completed in a single setting.   Enough wool is included for some experimenting after you have completed the kit.


    Learn a new skill and create a fun decoration at the same time!

    Each Kit Includes

    Embroidery Hoop

    Cotton Fabric with Preprinted Design

    Wool In Needed Colors

    Felting Needle

    Project Instructions

    All made from Icelandic wool that never left our farm until it left for your house!  Raised, sheered, processed, dyed and packaged onsite.

    You will need to provide scissors and a working surface such as a firm pillow, piece of floral foam (available at any store that carries craft supplies).  

    Safety Note:  Felting needles are extremely sharp with barbed ends to catch the fibers and hold them together.  They can cause accidental injury even with normal use. Please use appropriate discretion and supervision when introducing these kits to kids.  On one hand, needle felting is an excellent and fun elementary practical life with lots of room for creativity as skills grow.  On the other hand, felting needs are tools not toys! 


    Also available in Sacred Heart Design.

    Divine Mercy Needle Felting Kit

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